VogelbalansState of the Netherlands’ Birds 2023

State of the Netherlands’ Birds 2023
Omslag State of the  Netherlands’ Birds 2023

In the State of the Netherlands’ Birds, Sovon lists the most important developments. Which species are increasing, and which are being seen less and less? Thanks to 50 years of censuses and research by many volunteers and professionals, we are able to know the trends of 199 species of breeding birds and 209 migratory and wintering bird species. Some of the causes behind these changes are also explained. This 2023 edition focuses on some striking developments. Partly due to increasing drought in Southern Europe, southern bird species are increasingly managing to reach our country and are even starting to breed. Highly pathogenic avian influenza has been haunting wild birds for years and has long-term effects on populations. Research on species such as the Northern Wheatear and Northern Lapwing shows the bottlenecks, but also sheds light on the best protection measures. Birds remain important indicators of the state of our natural world.

Sovon Dutch Centre for Field Ornithology (Nijmegen)